Doctors Plan Mission to Nepal

The Doctors Goodwill Foundation is planning a Mission to Nepal to help earthquake victims. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, killing thousands and demolishing more than half a million homes, most of them in rural areas cut off from emergency medical care. A second major quake struck on May 12 76 kilometers (47 [...]

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Evening of Hope VII with the Scott Center of Autism at FIT Campus in Brevard County

The Doctor's Goodwill Foundation attended and donated $1000 at the "Evening of Hope VII" for Scott Center of Autism at FIT Campus in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday 11, 2015. Bhavin Patel MD, Dr. Bhalani, and Dr. Udeshi were in attendance along with SpaceCoast Daily's Giles Malone and his wife. Click to read more of the [...]

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Dr. David Malis: Changing Lives With Balloon Sinuplasty

One of the great things about living in coastal Florida is our beautiful weather and the ability to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Unfortunately for those who suffer from allergies and sinus infections, the impact on quality-of-life can be significant. Symptoms of sinusitis can include throbbing facial pain or headaches, drainage of discolored discharge from the [...]

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Doctors Goodwill Foundation Donated over $1000 at the Brevard County Boy Scout Golden Eagle Dinner

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SpaceCoast Cancer and Doctors Goodwill Foundation awarded 3 scholarships to cancer survivors in Brevard County

Recipients include college students Nour Aldebek, David Borough and Tabatha Schoenfedlt, as well as SCCC employees Helen Besvold, Michelle Kerr and Wendy Clavell. Click to Read Whole Story on Space Coast Daily

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Maxwell C. King Joins Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Board

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Dr. Maxwell C. King, one of Brevard’s most-ever prolific philanthropic leaders, is at it again as he joins the Board of Directors of the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation to assist the worthy nonprofit to grow and help more people. King is a legendary Brevard County visionary and philanthropist who has inspired thousands to achieve their goals through the [...]

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Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Sponsors Free Medical Camp

  More than 500 patients participated from 10 different villages,within 30 kilometers of the camp location. Ten doctors volunteered their time and talent to provide the free services. The extremely grateful patients received treatment and care with problems with ENT, dental, skin, orthopedic, gynecology, and children’s diseases. The camp was announced 12 months in advance of its [...]

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DGF and Scott Autism at Orlando Magic Game

Click for full article with more pictures  FULL ARTICLE See more pics from DGF/Scott Autism Check out our Photo Gallery PICTURES BREVARD COUNTY,  FLORIDA  – For Doctors Goodwill Foundation Founder Dr. Kanti Bhalani, finding ways to help underserved children is a mission that doesn’t stop on the weekend. […]

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Space Coast Medicine and Active Living – Dec/Jan 2015

View Doctor's Goodwill Foundation In the Magazine. Simply click the page number below to take a look at the online version.

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Dr. Kanti Bhalani Re-Appointed To UCF College of Medicine

In 2008, the Doctors Goodwill Foundation along with Parrish Medical Center to provide $160,000 in scholarship funds to pay for the full four-year tuition of a medical student enrolled in the first class at the University of Central Florida Medical College. Dr. Kanti Bhalani, founder of The Doctors Goodwill Foundation, has been re-appointed to the University [...]

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