Doctors Goodwill Foundation to address opioid crisis; event set for Nov.1

For 15 years running, the Doctors Goodwill Foundation has assisted with charitable medical endeavors locally, regionally, and internationally — everything from hurricanes to earthquakes. As an organization, it has worked to make lives better some way. Now, the nonprofit entity is taking on what it says is the biggest challenge in its history — the [...]

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Masquerade Ball to Benefit Opioid Crisis and Suicide Prevention

The Doctors' Goodwill Foundation recognizes the Opioid Crisis and resulting Suicides in Brevard County. Working with law enforcement, community outreach programs, physicians, hospitals and more, we know that the crisis has impacted every aspect of our lives. In an effort to tackle the needs and Shatter The Stigma, we have planned a fundraiser that will bring [...]

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Living Strong Health Expo

The Living Strong Health Expo will feature Exhibits and Lectures of interest to the community. Held at the Space Coast Convention Center (I95 and 520) it is located close to all of Brevard. Plenty of parking, giveaways, health exhibits, and health lectures make this an event not to be missed. No pre-registration needed. FREE and [...]

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Florida Prep’s Dylan O’Shea To Be Honored As Doctors’ Goodwill Junior Ambassador

Florida Prep’s Dylan O’Shea To Be Honored As Doctors’ Goodwill Junior Ambassador By Giles Malone  //  August 18, 2015 BREVARD COUNTY • MELBOURNE, FLORIDA – For Dylan O’Shea, being a top scholar at Melbourne’s Florida Prep is just one facet of this dynamic young leader, who also finds caring ways to give back to people [...]

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Doctors Goodwill Foundation sponsors Brevard County Science Teachers and STEM Education Event Presented by Space Coast Science Education

Building the Foundation For STEM: Honoring Brevard’s Exemplary Science Teachers By Space Coast Daily  //  August 11, 2015 BREVARD COUNTY • COCOA, FLORIDA – The 17th Annual Exemplary Science Teacher Awards were held Monday evening at the Eastern Florida State College Planetarium & Observatory to honor the Brevard Public School’s best science teachers. The Space Coast [...]

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Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Working Tirelessly Providing Medical Care In Nepal

Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Working Tirelessly Providing Medical Care In Nepal By Michael Malone  //  July 19, 2015 DGF MEDICAL MISSION ARRIVED JULY 15 KATHMANDU, NEPAL – The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation has been working tirelessly providing quality medical care to the natives of Nepal since arriving on July 15, as the collective power of all of the doctors [...]

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DGF Ready for Mission Trip to Nepal

Click here to read full article and to see more pictures FULL ARTICLE Volunteer physicians, nurses, businessmen and other humanitarians of the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation of Brevard County, Florida will depart July 13 to provide whatever help they can for the wounded people of Nepal. “Our volunteers are incredibly dedicated to help others in need as they [...]

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Doctors Goodwill Foundation Sponsors ‘Meet the Dean’ In Orlando

SPONSORED BY VIDA Among the attendees of the the Doctors Goodwill Foundation “Meet The Dean” event during the 3rd annual convention of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin were Dr. Mary Lou Sole, Par Prem Kumar, Dr. Bhavin Patel, Dr. Gimol T. George, Sondra Elizondo, Dr Kanti Bhalani and Dr. Richard Peppler. (Image for Also from Signet, CEO Jay Bacrania, Sheila [...]

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The U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy with DGF Founder Dr. Kanti Bhalani & Gita Bhalani at the AAPI Convention

2015 AAPI Convention in Orlando, Florida. Guest speaker U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy.

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