DGF Ready for Mission Trip to Nepal

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DGF Ready for Mission Trip to Nepal

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Volunteer physicians, nurses, businessmen and other humanitarians of the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation of Brevard County, Florida will depart July 13 to provide whatever help they can for the wounded people of Nepal.

“Our volunteers are incredibly dedicated to help others in need as they are giving their time and are paying their own travel and entire expenses for this 24 hour plane journey to Nepal,” said Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Founder Dr. Kanti Bhalani, who is leading the mission trip.

With lots of small, outlying villages and poor people, many can’t get assistance from the damage the earthquake has wrought. That’s where international volunteers from the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation will step in.

Dr. Kantilal Bhalani

Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation medical mission doctors and nurses will provide surgical procedures and all kinds of medical care for hundreds of people each day during their trip.

When the group arrives in Kathmandu, they will head straight to work at the local hospital and will stay in temporary lodgings near by to the people who need help.

“It’s a great experience,” said Dr. Bhalani, who is leading the trip.

This is just one of the many mission trips that Dr. Bhalani has taken. The group will leave for the long trip to Nepal on July 13, where they will assist as many as possible before returning to Brevard County at the end of July.

Brevard healthcare providers Health First Inc. and Parrish Medical Center have donated large amounts of vital medical supplies which will be used by the medical team to provide care to the injured and suffering.

The medical team includes local doctors like Dr. Bhavin Patel from Titusville, Florida, who is a young physician dedicated to the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation.

Dr. Bhavin Patel

“This trip is about the Nepalese people and I’m grateful for this opportunity to help them in this desperate time of need, and would like to especially thank the Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation for making this trip a reality,” said Patel.

For many individuals the mission is one of the few opportunities for help. Though English is the main language in Nepal, they also speak Hindi and Nepalese. With many patients coming from faraway villages, some may possibly speak different dialects.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joining the mission team to Nepal will be Space Coast Daily’s Michael Malone, who will assist as a volunteer to help the people and will also provide Space Coast Daily’s viewers with a firsthand account of the entire experience, complete with photos and video of the situation on the ground in earthquake ravaged Nepal.

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