Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation Working Tirelessly Providing Medical Care In Nepal

By  //  July 19, 2015

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KATHMANDU, NEPAL – The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation has been working tirelessly providing quality medical care to the natives of Nepal since arriving on July 15, as the collective power of all of the doctors has provided medical assistance to more than 550 patients.

They have been diagnosing patients and providing the medical supplies needed to ensure each person is provided adequate care.

“This has been a great trip, all of the people here are strong – they care for one another even though they have so little, their hearts are good,” said Dr. Kantilal Bhalan.

It’s amazing to see how the community comes together to try and assist others, including building small houses of mud and brick, even carrying the elderly several miles up a mountain to seek medical assistance.

The strong people of Nepal stand together in this crisis and look forward to a brighter future. Even Nepali television and movie celebrities make appearances to inspire and motivate the communities.

“The celebrity appearances as well as the medical assistance proved to vastly increase the moral of the individuals attending,” said Dr. Bhavin Patel.

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“Medicine isn’t just about giving them drugs, we are caring for their overall health, both mental and physical aspects of a human beings need to sometimes be improved.”

The Doctors’ Goodwill Foundation looks forward to seeing more patients in the upcoming days and seeks to assist as many of the people of Nepal as they can. With individuals like this in our community we can look forward to a much healthier future.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joining the mission team to Nepal will be Space Coast Daily’s Michael Malone, who will assist as a volunteer to help the people and will also provide Space Coast Daily’s viewers with a firsthand account of the entire experience, complete with photos and video of the situation on the ground in earthquake ravaged Nepal.